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    Attention WinRAR Users!  

  Introducing Your...

 RAR Secrets Course

 Did you know that WinRAR's RAR.exe has hidden talents

that few WinRAR users know how to use efficiently?

Your RAR Secrets Course includes:

  • This experience based course teaches you how to become familiar with using the 100+ RAR.exe Commands and Switches, with each of the three Windows apps: starting with simple Command Lines, Batch Files, and then using Powershell

  • With six hours of video learning content, each hour is split into 10 minute modules for easier learning, including more than 50 templates for you to study, download, customise and test for business use and your own projects

  • Your Private members group provides access to all our resources and to swap ideas with other members. On registering to learn the RAR Secrets, you will be emailed our four bonus reference sheets, as they will make it easier for you to understand what each RAR command and switch can do for you, as your course progresses.

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    How the RAR Secrets Course will help you!


    • RAR.EXE includes many "hidden" commands and switches that are not available with WinRAR, so instead of DIY learning, this course is your best and most efficient way to learn and use them effectively 


    • As a qualified technical instructor with close to 50 years of technical support experience, I will be available to help and guide you to achieving success with this unique experience based course


    • During this course you will soon become familiar with using RAR and become confident with using it with all of the three Windows apps that will then spark your own ideas for business and your own use!


    • With 27 years experience using and supporting RAR (& WinRAR) I will be available to assist you in the Private Members area, as for the last two years I have been providing RAR (& WinRAR) Technical Support for win-rar GmbH

    Your Teacher

    About Your Teacher...

    My major interest is teaching technology, as my first career as telecom technician included 7 years as technical instructor and course creator. Then after purchasing my first computer in 1980 I became very involved with teaching others how to use computers and software, by writing many hundreds of magazine and newspaper computer help articles, as well as being invited to contribute chapters for several computer books.


    Then in 1992 after 3 positions in the then new computer industry and 2 redundancies (where I was 'advised' that It was a young man's occupation!) So I started my Computer Support company, "retiring" it in 2015 and moved from Auckland to Papamoa Beach, New Zealand.

    My current career began in 1994 when I was invited to be the New Zealand, Australian and Pacific Islands sales & support for this advanced archiving application. Since then I have created my two sales and support websites, the WinRAR How To eBook, plus the two online technical courses.


    In October 2020 I was asked by the global distributor in Berlin to do their Technical Support for WinRAR and RAR, so I am continually gaining more technical experience to assist all my students.


    Selwyn Arrow

    WinRAR How To

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